A Boutique Hospitality Firm Based in Las Vegas

Meet the Founder
Aimee Vargas

My name is Aimee Vargas, the Founder & Owner of INTRODeuce Las Vegas. I have channeled more than 15 years of high-end hospitality experience into this one-of-a-kind networking service. Born and raised in Vegas, I’ve held numerous positions in advertising, marketing, hotel operations, and special events. My wide-ranging background garnered my seasoned relationship-building skills, as well as one of the most desirable contact lists in town. My passion for collaborative projects is rooted in my commitment to seeing hospitality professionals & businesses thrive simultaneously. INTROducing new and exciting venues to hundreds of Vegas influencers is my expertise. After cultivating year’s worth of coveted partnerships with every resort, hotel & casino in Las Vegas, I am thrilled to bring you INTRODeuce Las Vegas.

About INTRODeuce Las Vegas

If you have a Las Vegas based business, hospitality partnerships are key! You can start from scratch (best of luck!) or you can hire a highly experienced team of industry experts with pre-established hotel partnerships and an impeccable reputation. We are the one & only hospitality liaison in Las Vegas for vendor/hotel partnerships, and we are the best in our craft. Welcome to INTRODeuce Las Vegas!